Thank You

HousingFirst Lab was founded to bring innovative, technology-based solutions to the fight against homelessness. In 2021 we succeeded in bringing Housing Connector to Denver. Housing Connector is backed by Zillow and provides an elegant solution to connect those experiencing homelessness with housing units that were not previously available to them. By combining a beautiful interface for case managers and a risk mitigation fund for landlords, Housing Connector is a powerful tool in supporting the most vulnerable members of our community.

HousingFirst Lab's mission was to incubate ideas that will have an impact. We believe the best path forward is to put all of our resources and support behind making Housing Connector successful. 

We want to deeply thank all those who supported us in this three year journey. Your generosity brought a differentiated and powerful solution to Denver that will house thousands of individuals in the coming years. Please stay involved by following Housing Connector to see the results of your investment in our community.

Thank you.

The HousingFirst Lab Team