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Announcing our first full-time Executive Director, Austan Mogharabi

Austan Mogharabi, Executive Director

HousingFirst Lab is proud to welcome its new Executive Director, Austan Mogharabi. Before joining HousingFirst Lab, Austan spent 11 years as a humanitarian response and recovery expert with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Austan developed and implemented strategy and evaluation processes for $700M+ of humanitarian assistance in the Middle East, coordinating partnerships across numerous government, nonprofit, and advocacy organizations. Austan also secured new funding to develop a public-private partnership that constructed 125 units of affordable housing units for Haitian families displaced by the 2011 earthquake.

Throughout his work in distressed communities, Austan has seen firsthand how a dependable place to stay is often the most important resolution in times of crisis. He is an expert in activating stakeholders and resources across sectors to collaborate on effective solutions for some of the world’s most complex humanitarian challenges.

Austan joins HousingFirst Lab as it begins its first full year of operations. With Austan’s leadership, HousingFirst Lab will pilot its professional fellowship program, strengthen its private sector and nonprofit partnerships, and continue to advocate for allocating effective resources to Housing First solutions and agencies.

Ana Carell and Maddie Rees, HousingFirst Lab’s founding directors, are transitioning back to their roles at Bain & Company after their leaves of absence. They will continue to be involved with HousingFirst Lab by serving on its Board of Directors and championing the organization’s professional fellow and alumni engagement.

Austan has the full support of HousingFirst Lab’s Board of Directors, made up of Blaine Pellicore, David Kendall, Alex Rose, Daniel Schwartz, and new additions Maddie Rees and Ana Carell. We are all very excited for what HousingFirst Lab will achieve under Austan’s leadership.

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